The Roundtable TSMS 12.0.1 patch is here -- ghost windows be gone!


GUI Client and Server issues addressed from 12.0.0 to 12.0.1 Task# Summary / Detail --------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4460 Internal - StorageArea Error During Schema Update When updating schema, the following error can occur: "**StorageArea record not on file. (138)" 4463 Tabletop - Compile Ghost Window Sometimes after an Object compilation, a 'ghost' window appears. 4468 Schema - Error 486 During Schema Update on Field Rename When updating schema that has an field rename and the table is frozen, an error 486 is thrown. 4471 Tabletop - Percent May Exceed 100% During Schema Update The numeric percentage complete displayed on the process status window may exceed 100% during the update of committed buffers portion of a Schema Update.

REMINDER: Friends, if you are on #OpenEdge 11.x or higher, you can upgrade to Roundtable TSMS 12 today. It's available for download from Progress ESD or through your account representative.