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Roundtable TSMS 11.8.2 Patch

  • Happy Friday! Our hard-working development team delivered this 11.8.2 patch before heading out for the weekend. Enjoy!


    GUI Client and Server issues addressed from 11.8.1 to 11.8.2.  No plug-in changes. 

        Task# Summary / Detail

    --------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

         4427 Deployments - Schema Update INT64 Issue                               

              The deployment schema update routine is not applying an INT to INT64 update.


         4433 Internal - Deleting a Workspace Does not Delete Schema Objects        

              Part of the Workspace deletion process is to delete Workspace references. However when deleting

              Workspace Objects only PCODE and DOC Objects are deleted.


         4443 Internal - Prevent DataServer Objects as Domains                      

              Prevent domain assignment of schema Objects to non-dataserver PDBASE. This causes issues later when

              someone tries to check-out the schema Objects.


         4445 Schema - Error 3136 Generated When Loading Dataserver Schema          

              The following error is generated when loading dataserver schema.

              "More than one _Index records found by a unique FIND. (3166)"


         4447 API - Error Thrown During Object Check-out                            

              The following error is thrown when using the check-out API in AppServer mode:

              "User-defined function 'fnRtbGetTaskShareStatus' invoked dynamically but could not be found.



         4460 Internal - StorageArea Error During Schema Update                     

              When updating schema, the following error can occur:

              "**StorageArea record not on file. (138)"


         4462 Tabletop - Compile Ghost Window

              Sometimes after an Object compilation, a 'ghost' window appears.

  • It’s pronounced, ghooooooooooooooost window.
  • Are all the fixes here include in RTB 12.0?

  • Hi Bo. Most of them were in RTB 12.0. A couple were found after the release and are slated for RTB 12.0.1 service pack.

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software