Please see the discussion below.  This may be related to our problem with some test region data for an admin table.  Remember that in the test region, the RECID for the records were in an opposite order to the data in Production.  This caused inconsistent results in testing.
                Robert Schlatter
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Subject: RE: [Technology Partner - Roundtable] Problem with the position number for fields
Update from Progress Community


"Why does this happen.."

This value is generated by the db engine when the field is added to the physical schema. Since the fields may have been originally added in a different order then the order in which the Schema Update routine applies them, the values may end up being different.

"... is there any way to prevent it?"

One way to work-around this would be to write a routine to programmatically generate and apply an incremental DF file to the other target databases (the PSC Kbase has some examples of calling the OE routines) and then call this procedure from the "updateSchema" event hook that fires after the schema has been updated.

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