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Roundtable TSMS 11.7.2

  • Merry Christmas all!

    The Roundtable TSMS 11.7.2 patch is available and can be found here:

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Merry Christmas Jeff,

    Nice start on new icons :-) However the search "binoculars" are a little Windows 3.11 ;-) Sorry ...
    But instead of just complaining I made a new one   that you could use, if your choose to.

    I do not know how to uploads files here, or if it's even possible. So I will send them directly to you.

    Happy Holidays,


  • Thank you for noticing this, Bo (and for the offer of a new binocular icon).  I  believe our team used a standard package. I will let them know there is a custom one available from you if they choose to update them again.  :-D

  • Thanks, but I respectfully disagree. :) 

    Now, the prior one was definitely ugly.

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Jeff, I would have been extremely surprised if you did not disagree. Actually I was just teasing you a little ;-)

    I do like the change to the "ADM2" icons, its very nice, and I look forward to 11.7.3, where you finalize your icon project :-)

    Kind regards and merry Christmas,


    P.S. Yes the old search was ... well recognizable as a search functionality, which is the primarily purpose of an icon... ;-)