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History Issue With UTF-8 Repository Databases

  • Hi.

    We have discovered (and confirmed by the PSC kbase below)  that it is possible for a FIND to fail when querying Workspace History during the check-in process when the repository database is UTF-8.


    This unexpected failure will cause the work-in-process history record (the ‘99999999’ record) to not get updated with an actual event number. The result is an Object that is checked-in with an invalid history number.

    If you feel this may affect you or have been affected by this issue, please contact Roundtable Technical support for a hot-fix. 


    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Jeff, thank you for sharing this.

  • Hi Jeff,

    We're running on utf-8 with no apparent errors.

    Is there a way to detect if it affects us ?

    Can we expect to see a particular "unexpected" error ?

    Could our recent schema issue be related to this ?

  • Hi Carl,

    You would see it very quickly by having duplicate workspace event history records with an event number of "99999999" and objects being checked in not being assigned a "proper" event number on check-in.

    The easiest way to check this is and make sure you are not "at risk" is to ensure that the following fields in your RTB repository are marked as CASE-SENSITIVE:

    - rtb_object.object-guid (this will very likely be set already)

    - rtb_hist.object-guid (this may not be set if your repository has been upgraded from an earlier version)

    - rtb_import.object-guid (this may not be set if your repository has been upgraded from an earlier version)

    Tech Support can provide you with a delta.df file you can use to fix this if needed.