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How to start with appSolute tool ?

  • Yes the appserver roundtable code is on E drive and we added that on propath aswell

    restarted server again.

    But before doing this we have compile utility on the server which is failing while compiling, generating log like invalid version of fetchdata.p

  • Which progress version should i use for this  tool 10.2b or 11.6 for compilation ?

  • OK i will check this.

    Every time whenever I am running these scripts from command line i have to set all the environment variables 1st such as ANT_HOME, JAVA_HOME etc.

    How do i avoid this for running scripts each time ?

    Do i need to create separate batch file for this ?

  • Any idea on this ?

    If i try to execute these scripts directly by double click am getting below errors

    So every time i have to open command prompt and setup these values, then i am running scripts from the same command prompt.

    How do i avoid this