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IDEA: alternate workspace sources UI

  • In the current workspace sources UI I find it  difficult to maintain sources if multiple source workspaces are involved.

    It's hard to see which modules are included from which source workspace(s)

    I think a grid layout like this wireframe would be more easy to maintain this setup.

    The treeview part in the wireframe is nice to have, a classic OOABL browser with checkboxes has the advantage of not requiring activex controls.

  • Hi Carl.

    Have you looked at the Workspace Sources maintenace in the plug-in? It is designed very much like you suggest (broken down by Workspace, Product and Product Module)

    Here is an example from our own repository:

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Hi Jeff,

    Tried to check but my rtb plugin was too old (11.4) I updated and now my rtb install is too old (11.5)  :-(

    I won't be able to upgrade rtb today but I'll try it once I have the service pack installed

  • Hi Carl. Choose the 'Show Previous Versions' on the Eclipse updater and grab the 11.5.0 version of the plugin if your server is RTB 11.5.0. We had enhancement in 11.5.1 which requires the plugin and server to be on the same patch level.

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Hi Jeff,

    I had a look at the plugin, but it's also one pmod + source per line .

    We have 569 pmod's (number still rising). If a workspace get sources from 2 workspaces I have to scroll too much down to see the other workspace.

    screenshot below is from a maximized eclipse.

    you cannot see that the top LISA ERP belongs to the development source.

    You can see that the Test workspace is also a source, but without scrolling it's impossible to see if be.cce.erpalg.CceSelect is included or not.

    We also have workspaces with 3 source workspaces making things even more difficult.

    I'll create a report, and possible a UI showing a matrix.