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Mfg/Pro and integration, getting started


Mfg/Pro and integration, getting started

  • Hello,

    We're looking at taking a possible integration project between Mfg/Pro and, that will probably start off small.

    I know Progress professional services were involved in a similar integration project with recently from this years Exchange.

    I'm wondering if theres someone I could get in touch to ask a number of question and offer some guidance to get going.

    Many thanks.

  • I create some custom services to do the basic functions of Upsert, Delete, Insert and Update as well as GetDeleted and SOQL Query. these will work against the Partner WSDL file that you can get from SFDC.

    Can we set up some time to discuss via email or on the phone?

    Dan Mitchell

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I've sent you a private message (on this site).

    Many thanks.

  • Hello Dan,

    By any chance did you happen to catch my message ?


  • Hi,

    I am part of the Progress IT group. We have integrated our home grown Progress based Marketing application with Your approach of starting simple is a good one. Another thing I would recommend is to seek out the available training that offers on their API.

    If there is any help I can offer just let me know.

  • i have not been able to find the private messages. can you email me at