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Access digital signature in WS Request


Access digital signature in WS Request

  • Hello!

    We are helping a customer to communicate with their external parterns using a protocol called SSEK ( built upon the different webservice standards using Sonic.

    We will expose a webservice in Sonic ESB which uses WS-Security Digital Signatures. It is a requirement that the response message sent from Sonic shall contain the signature of the request message in an element inside its message body.

    Given the we have an ESB process which exposes a WebService, how can the access the signature of an incoming webservice request message ?

    It this information available in the XQMessage ?

    With best regards

    Daniel Thorborg

  • Daniel,

    afaik, the broker will send the full soap request to the esb process. So if the esb unwrap step is used and you need the headers you can either:

    - preserver the full soap envelope

    - change your wsdl such that the ws-security headers are mentioned as message headers so that you can access the in the soap unwrap

    later one you can put a copy in the ws reply step.