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XML Validation ServiceType

  • This is an ESB Service that allows easy runtime validation of XML documents on the bus.

    The service itself has a runtime parameter which points to a XSD file in SonicFS, of in the Workspace. This XSD is loaded at runtime to validate the incoming document. When the document is not valid, all SAX related warnings and errors will be appended to the message in a separate part and send to either RME or Fault endpoints. When no errors occur the document is passed through to the exit endpoint.

    Usage: Quick and easy validation of incoming messages. When integration several application using ESB Processes, validation of incoming documents may prove useful to ensure ESB performance by removing the impact of possible large amounts of 'incorrect' messages which may still enter the ESB processes. By adding the XML Validation step to the beginning of ESB processes you can ensure that the document handled by the ESB process is as expected.

    Additionally you can use the XML Validation Service in combination with the XSD files to provide a message interface repository which can be shared with other application developers. To ensure correct and clear use of the ESB by external applications, application providers and ESB engineers can easily connect and make the interface used for integration clearer by setting up a simple set of XSD files which are the concrete declaration of the interface that should be used, and any changed made to the XSD's is directly then applicable on the bus.



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