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Sonic Message Manager: A replacement for the JMS Test Client


Sonic Message Manager: A replacement for the JMS Test Client

  • The Sonic Message Manager is an application aimed at replacing the JMS Test Client provided with Sonic MQ for general use. It does not support the most advanced features of the JMS Test Client, but does provide other features that the JMS Test Client lacks.

    Some features include:

    • Automatically discovers all active brokers in the connected Sonic Domain

    • Lists queues on the selected broker to prevent needless typing

    • Deleting a single message anywhere on a queue

    • Drag messages from one queue to another

    • Send messages by dragging files on to a queue

    • Re-uses connection information from the Sonic Management Console

    • Displays every part of a multi-part message separately

    • Includes hex-viewer for BytesMessages

    For regular updates, more information and discussions, please visit the web site at Leave comments about the program and submit ideas and patches. A public bug tracker and sourcecode repository are being prepared but it may take a little time for these to go online.

    The primary distibution medium is Java Web Start. Use the web start links on the download page of the web site to start and install the program on your computer. You will receive updated versions of the program automatically when you do this. Another way to start the program is to compile the jar yourself and place it in your SonicMQ "lib" directory. Double click the jar file to start.


  • I have posted an update on detailing some new features in the nightly snapshot. Since these are fairly major features, I though I'd give you a ping. The features are:

    • Filtering of the queue list. The following wildcard characters are implemented: ? for a single character, * for zero or more characters. Grouping is possible with (, | and ) like this: q.*.(fault|rme).

    • Sending and saving of .esbmsg files. These files can contain a multi part message in one file, as well as store message headers and properties. They can be edited with an Xml editor and Sonic Workbench has a GUI editor for these files. You can save .esbmsg files by selecting the relevant filetype in the save dialog.

    Please visit and post your findings in the comments.

  • Any idea why

    if I have 2 TCP acceptors 1 = port 30101 and 2 =port 30102. and the default acceptor in sonic is setup to use 1 why is the message manager trying to connet to 2 in its broker list

  • SMM uses the first TCP acceptor it finds using the Management API. Usually this will be the first one that was configured. This is not always the acceptor you want it to use but there is no way of changing that at the moment (that I know of).

  • Thank you for the response Gerco. have you come across this error before when you try to connect to your management broker

  • Usually this type of error occurs when you are using Sonic Message Manager for Sonic 7.6 on Sonic 7.5 or some other combination of Sonic versions. You should be getting a "Directory service is not the required version" error, but sometimes you also get this error.

    Another possibility is that you have a domain which has been upgraded from some version of Sonic to a newer version and are using the correct version of SMM. This happens when some configuration artifact (in this case a TCP_ACCEPTOR) has not been touched during the upgrade. In this case you might try editing the TCP_ACCEPTOR and saving it again after changing something unimportant. That might upgrade the artifact (but it also might not, not sure if this would work).

    If you are using the correct version of SMM and your domain was never upgraded to a newer version of Sonic, I have no clue what the problem is. Perhaps you could send me a dump of your directory service to examine and reproduce the problem.

  • Hi,

    Where can I download the latest version (1.6.2) of the SonicMessageManager.jar file for Sonic 6.1? I want to download the jar and run it locally rather than using webstart.

    Thank you,


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    Monica Granbois

  • Monica,

    To run SMM locally, you will need to download the following jar files:

    Put these in your MQ6.1/lib directory and double-click the SonicMessageManager.jar file. If your file associations are set correctly, this will start SMM. If this doesn't work, you might also try running "java -jar SonicMessageManager.jar" from a command prompt.

    This way, SMM will run locally and not check for updates or do anything else that requires an active internet connection. Unless you happen to click the "Subscribe to mailing list" button on the connections screen. Just click "No, thanks" to remove that message.

  • Great thank you for your help.

  • Greco

    The files that are mentioned in the earlier post would you happen to have the 7.6.1 version of them.

  • These files should work for any version of Sonic, just put them in the MQ7.6\lib directory and it should work just fine.

  • Is there a way I can get the latest jar files for sonic 76

  • Yes, the latest version of the files are always available at:

    Like I mentioned above, these files are not dependent on your Sonic version. Just drop them in your MQ\lib directory and run the SonicMessageManager.jar file.

  • thank you.