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Scheduler Service

  • Designed for 7.5.

  • Hi Fernando,

    I downloaded both the schservice.rar and the quartz 1.6.1, I can import it to Workbench and also able to build successfully. However, how do I upload it to Sonic DS and become a ESB Service Type as I cannot find the .esbstyp file.

    Can you give me some brief steps or example on how to install and use it?



  • Thank you for sharing the service. Can you please post documentation for setup, install and testing also. That would be very helpful.

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  • Hi Fernando,

       Has this service any further documentation ? How to config on Sonic ?

       I've an error because I need com.progress.codeshare.esbservice.sch.model, where can I find it ?

       Can you send me schservice.rar ?, please.


  • Please look at GitHub, I'm no longer updating PSDN.

  • You can find it at instead.