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Saxon SQL extension Library Support in Sonic ESB


Saxon SQL extension Library Support in Sonic ESB

  • I have need to get XML documents from database using type 4 JDBC driver with in my XSL transformation. Does saxon XSL SQL extension library work with in ESB transformation service?

    Please let me know if any body worked and knew about his.



  • Have you considered the DataDirect XQuery product?

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  • I didn't try DataDirect XQuery product.I tried with Saxon SQL extensions library but it didn't work , throwing transformation error about sql connection.

    Can we achieve this functionality using DataDirect XQuery product in side ESB layer with out using Sonic XML server product?



  • You will need to be more explicit about your requirements and talk to someone who knows the product a lot better than I do, but I was very intrigued by the presentation at Exchange discussing the use of XQuery to provide a consistent XML data source backed by any combination of managed and unmanaged data stores. For a managed data store, like a Progress or Oracle database, it uses SQL to obtain the data, so it is quite efficient.

    Consulting in Model-Based Development, Transformation, and Object-Oriented Best Practice

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Based on work bench documentation guide, I understood that we need to have Sonic XML Server license to have XQuery functionality in side Sonic ESB.

    I have my transformation written in XSL currently.I'm looking for possible workaround with in my XSL code with out looking XQuery at this point of time.

  • Currently my workaround is with my own extension function to connect and retrieve the database record and return it .

    This is working now.

  • It appears that you are trying to do too much in a single service, it might be better to use two separate services, one a database service to extract the document from the database and a second transformation service that is used to manipulate the message once it is on the ESB. Having built and tested the services independently you can create an ESB process that invokes the two concurrently.

  • We can handle using ESB DBService only for given query parameters once in the context of process flow.

    My requirement in XSL has a need to query database based on the variable no.of times and it's based on multiple occurrences of one node set in the input xml i.e technically calling DB Query using XSL extension function inside the loop with context specific data as an arguments to xsl extension function.

    Working solutions:

    1) I wrote saxon extension function to query db and return the result back in to XSL.This works perfectly fine.

    2) I can also achieve this with custom java service with similar XML transformation logic.

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