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  • Hi All, I am doing a little testing with the Sonic MQ "Remote Edition" and having a little issue trying to find the answer I need. Hoping someone who has been through this before can help me out.

    The MQ "Remote Edition" limits the broker to having 10 "Client connections". This is a great model for people using MQ in smaller, remote locations and do not need the advanced clustering & caa features.

    Based upon my observations, it appears that Internal Management connections are excluded from this 10 connection limit. This appears to be the correct behavior as Management connections are NOT "Client Connections".

    I am trying to ensure I understand completely which connections are "management connections" so that I can make informed decisions going forward in setting up my infrastructure.

    My Question is:

    Can anyone fully explain which connections are considered "Management connections" (excluded from 10 client connection limit) in the MQ Remote Edition.

    My understanding of the answer is the following:

    1) Any connection with the connection type of "Management Container" (visible in SMC)

    2) Any connection used by the Container to connect to the "Management Node" (configured in the Advanced tab of the container).

    3) Routing Connections from Another Broker ARE considered "Client Connections"

    Appreciate the help.

  • You are correct that the Remote Edition is limited to 10 Connections.

    But these are all connections. The management connections are included in that.

    If you would like to test this you can use the following steps

    1) Install a Typical MQ installation, specify a Remote Site Edition license key with a 10 connection limit.

    2) Start up the DM

    3) Connect with SMC

    4) Check the connections on the management broker, include system connections. You should see 3 management connections.

    5) Lauch JMS Test Client, start creating connections. You'll only be able to create 7.

    I hope this helps

    Wayne Lockhart

    Sr Product Manager

  • Hi Wayne, I appreciate the response.

    I do agree with you that connections from SMC are considered a "client connection". However one point that I forgot to mention is that I currently have this MQ Broker setup as a DRA node connecting to a MQ Management Domain setup as a 3 Broker Cluster.

    In my testing I noticed Management connections from the Management Domain Broker Cluster do not appear to be counted in the limit(was able to see more than 10 connections in SMC). To me this makes sense, otherwise you would have half of your connection limit taken up just by installing the product.. and would not leave any room for JMS applications. I do not believe that this is the intent of the license.

    I am looking for some additional confirmation from someone from the Dev/Product side on how this works. Would you be able to reach out to the dev team to get me an answer?

    Thanks again Wayne.