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Configuring Sonic in a command line environment


Configuring Sonic in a command line environment

  • Bang.  I still can't install anything.  But i feel better now

    Ok, now how about "how to backup"?  You seem to think that its a good idea prior to running configAdmin and yet I've noticed that its another one of those things that isn't exactly documented anywhere.  In fact, if I'm following the docs correctly, it seems to me that the sole method of backing up would be to shutdown the container (which would seem to require the use of the SMC... at least if you want a reliably "clean" shutdown) and then do an OS backup of the Sonic root directory.

    Tom Bascom

  • > do an OS backup of the Sonic root directory.

    you see ? ... This is a kind of magic ...

    every time we speek about a problem, we already have the solution.

  • That's not really the sort of "solution" that I would expect from Enterprise Messaging Software...

    Tom Bascom

  • When I've started my first sonic project, it was SonicMQ 2000.1; after 3.0 ...

    at the time, all commands was, in command line. Cool for old man's !

    Now, we leave in another world ... the X world / iphone world.

    What is the last time when you see an phone box on the streed ?

  • I suppose that GUI's have a place in the world but they have some very serious deficiencies when it comes to automating adminsitrative tasks.

    Suppose, for instance, that I'm developing a new feature that involves a new queue, some code to put data onto the queue and some code to pull data off of that queue.  Are you seriously suggesting that I should fire up my nice pretty GUI IDE and (happily) type in the code (or click and drag and so on and so forth in the "Visual Designer") each time I promote it from dev to test to production?  No, of course you aren't.  The code is in files and there are automated processes for ensuring that those files move, without change, between environments.

    To do the same thing (move it from dev to test to production) with the queue definition I would do what?

    Tom Bascom

  • you are aleady say that is a "locked down environment". You can't transfer files. Ok, I understard.

    The problem using Queues is that the Queue have to be created in SonicMQ.

    I place to use Queues, use a Topic, the Topic is created dynamic, not need to get the SMC console

    to create it.

    Btw ...

    how the system administrator can supervize the SonicMQ application with no SMC console ?

    If something don't work ... he can not handle the situation. In my opinion, as already say ... fire him !

  • There is no Sonic Admin to fire.  Sonic was setup a long time ago by someone who has long since moved on -- on the bright side it "just runs".  But now it is time to add a few things and change a few things... and that needs to be done in a manner which is compliant with the environment.

    Transferring files isn't hard.  It can be easily scripted and proper controls can be put in place. Installing an all powerful GUI tool is another thing all together.

    Tom Bascom

  • the frame to read the message on this site becomes to litte to handle the message size,

    I'm asking when the message becomes one letter by line

    I loved the OLD PSDN ... the new one is very poluated with marketing annonces, very slow and

    we see the messages wrapped in words!

    Well donne .... the new PSDN administrators

  • Queues and topics serve very different purposes and the choice is highly application dependent.  The application in question uses both for various purposes.

    Tom Bascom

  • in my opinion, create a vmware AIX using the same hostname and hard copy the SonicMQ installation

    to the virtual box. Like this, you can local setup the SonicMQ in your laptop. After the job is done

    you hard-copy SonicMQ Directory to AIX.

  • Perhaps I am misunderstanding you but wouldn't that require at least two production outages?  One to shutdown and make the original copy and another to promote the changes?  I'm fairly sure that this system hasn't been shutdown in years.  And I'm even more certain that the idea of shutting it down for this purpose won't be warmly embraced.

    I have trouble beleiving that I'm the only person who has ever had this problem but at this point I believe that my options are:

    1) Find a way to get an SMC running.

    2) Try to work with the Java and/or JavaScript examples in the "samples" directory to create what is apparently missing.

    3) Hope that someone reads this thread and posts a pointer to the command line tools and documentation that I've been overlooking.

    None of those options are very good but they are what appears to be available.

    Tom Bascom

  • what is the SonicMQ version ?, the older versions was more CHUI.

    version: 2000.1 up to 3.5 have a INFORMIX CoudScape database build-in

    we can do a JDBC connection on in and create new queues

    user: root

    pwd: paceaesalute

    ... this is "jad" who talk

  • 6.1

    Tom Bascom

  • 6.1 no way ! ... in this version we have a object-database who is a clone of ObjectStore, no way to use JDBC.

    The only way is to not fire the port 2506 on AIX, take a SMC on a laptop, connect, and do the config.