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Configuring Sonic in a command line environment


Configuring Sonic in a command line environment

  • Suppose that you have Sonic in a pure Unix character environment.

    How can you obtain a listing of what queues and topics have been created and are running?

    How do you add or delete a queue?

    Tom Bascom

  • Hi Tom,

    You can remotely connect to the Domain Manager broker using the Sonic Management Console and see a list of queues created on any broker in the same domain.

    Topics are created at runtime so there is no list of topics.

    To create or delete a queue you can also use the Sonic Management Console and do that.

    Additionally, you can also use the Management API shipped with the product to perform the tasks mentioned above.

    There is a sample java class under $SONICMQ/samples/Management/runtimeAPI/javaProxy called That class lists all of the queues on a specific broker.


  • Thatnks but, unfortunately, in this case I'm stuck in a very restrictive environment where there is no SMC available (and I cannot simply plug in my laptop and make one available either).

    I'm not enough of a Java programmer to take the example and turn it into a command line tool.  But it seems that surely someone must have done such a thing at some point in the past?

    Tom Bascom

  • There is also a javascript sample of the same example available at $SONICMQ/samples/Management/runtimeAPI/jsProxy. It might be easier for you then.

    Keep in mind that any utility interacting with the Management API must be written in Java.

    I'm curious why you don't have a single instance of the SMC which is very common at any Sonic environment.

    Hope this helps.

  • There are a  configAdmin tool but be very careful using this,

    backup, backup, backup.

    Doing some tests, I just crash my Sonic installation ...

    and of course I have not a backup

    $MQ_HOME/bin/ >
    connect tcp://localhost:2506 Administrator Administrator Domain1
    export-bean /Brokers/MgmtBroker/Queues /tmp/Queues
    delete-bean /Brokers/MgmtBroker/Queues/SampleQ4
    import-bean /tmp/CreateQueues.xml override

  • I'm not sure how javascript is more useful.

    In any event the site was installed a long time ago.  There almost certainly was an SMC somewhere at the time.  But it is no longer available -- people have moved on, PCs have been replaced, policies have changed etc, etc.  Even if I can manage to find the original CDs (doubtful) and license key (even more doubtful) getting the necessary approvals to install it will be a major challenge.  Just getting logged in is an exercise in patience.

    On the bright side the system has stayed up and running without any serious attention for years.  Which is a nice comment on Sonic's reliability.

    Tom Bascom

  • That's a start

    Is there any documentation for configAdmin?  I've poked around the kbase without any luck and I didn't find anything in the PDFs either   The "help" within the command is a bit "sparse".

    I'm puzzled as to why the "list" command doesn't list the queues.  The "export-bean" command created a nice XML file which has the data in it, it seems like "list" should have as well.

    Tom Bascom

  • No , there is no documentation for this, and the "documentation" says:

    "There is also a command line tool for importing and exporting (configAdmin.bat on
    Windows or on UNIX/Linux). It is reserved for advanced users and
    Progress Sonic consultants, as inappropriate usage is risky.

    and this is true , my chance to win with this tool is: 1 to 5.

    Backup your installation !!!

    The better ideea is to use the SMC, export your DISPLAY to another station,

    start the XServer and run or "shoot the system administrator".

  • You seem to be a big fan of backing up Sonic so tell me, exactly how would you go about doing that?

    Tom Bascom

  • Using the SMC may indeed be the best idea but it is NOT available in this situation.  Nor is X.

    Tom Bascom

  • this the dead point ... tell me you can ftp/ssh/cp/scp/nfs something on these machine ?

    can you put something in a USB key ?, burn a CD/DVD ... ?

  • No.  It is a locked down environment.

    Tom Bascom

  • what OS ?

  • AIX 5.3

    Tom Bascom

  • Sincerely, I don't see any solution, in this case !

    shoot the sheriff