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XQ_ENDPOINT_EXCEPTION while sending message to exit endpoint


XQ_ENDPOINT_EXCEPTION while sending message to exit endpoint

  • I have created custom service to call REST web service through it.I want to to send response of webservice to the endpoint of the service.

    but it is giving exception at the end of service after passing message to outbox.

    I am not getting anything at the RME endpoint but instead I am getting XQ_ENDPOINT_EXCEPTION in container log
    I am getting following error log in conatiner log.

    [09/08/26 22:07:22] ID=dev_ESBTest (info) [Dispatch] Message Rejected, rejected message could not be created for XQDispatcher for application HTTPSPostTOSC

    [09/08/26 22:07:22] ID=dev_ESBTest (info) [Dispatch] Cause of rejected message: XQ_ENDPOINT_EXCEPTION

    [09/08/26 22:07:23] ID=dev_ESBTest (info) Trace follows...
    com.sonicsw.xq.XQEndpointException: null: DestinationName=Sample.Q1
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.JMSEndpoint$EndpointConnection.sendWithUnbound(JMSEndpoint.java:1621)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.JMSEndpoint.sendWithUnbound(JMSEndpoint.java:289)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.JMSEndpointContext.send(JMSEndpointContext.java:144)
    at com.sonicsw.xqimpl.endpoint.container.EndpointContextContainer.send(EndpointContextContainer.java:234)
    at com.sonicsw.xqimpl.service.MessageSendingHelper.sendToEndpoint(MessageSendingHelper.java:199)
    at com.sonicsw.xqimpl.service.MessageSendingHelper.sendToAddress(MessageSendingHelper.java:72)
    at com.sonicsw.xqimpl.service.MessageSendingHelper.sendEnvelopes(MessageSendingHelper.java:951)
    at com.sonicsw.xqimpl.service.XQDispatcher.onMessage(XQDispatcher.java:493)
    at com.sonicsw.xqimpl.endpoint.container.EndpointContextContainer.onMessage(EndpointContextContainer.java:84)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.JMSEndpoint$JMSEndpointListener.onMessage(JMSEndpoint.java:570)
    at progress.message.jimpl.Session.deliver(Session.java:2998)
    at progress.message.jimpl.Session.run(Session.java:2390)
    at progress.message.jimpl.Session$SessionThread.run(Session.java:2775)
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at javax.activation.MimeType.parse(MimeType.java:86)
    at javax.activation.MimeType.<init>(MimeType.java:54)
    at javax.activation.DataHandler.getBaseType(DataHandler.java:603)
    at javax.activation.DataHandler.getDataContentHandler(DataHandler.java:568)
    at javax.activation.DataHandler.getContent(DataHandler.java:511)
    at progress.message.jimpl.xmessage.Part.marshalPart(Part.java:652)
    at progress.message.jimpl.xmessage.MultipartMessage.marshal(MultipartMessage.java:595)
    at progress.message.jimpl.MessageProducer.internalSend(MessageProducer.java:573)
    at progress.message.jimpl.MessageProducer.send(MessageProducer.java:1357)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.messagingbean.Session.produceMessageWithUnbound(Session.java:766)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.messagingbean.Session.produceMessageWithUnbound(Session.java:745)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.messagingbean.MessagingBean.produceMessageWithUnbound(MessagingBean.java:1290)
    at com.sonicsw.xq.connector.jms.JMSEndpoint$EndpointConnection.sendWithUnbound(JMSEndpoint.java:1590)
    ... 12 more

    Please suggest something for this exception.



  • Do you just send the incoming message to the outbox or do you create a new message?  Could you attach the piece of code that sends the message to the outbox?

    Alternatively, it could be just because your Service Instance is configured to use an Endpoint that no longer exists in the Domain...

  • Thanks,

    I am sending new message to the outbox which is actually a response from REST web service.

    I checked those endpoints also for services and processes.

    I am sending the piece of code.

    env = ctx.getNextIncoming();
                if (env != null) {
        XQMessage msg = env.getMessage();
        try {
         // create the email content
         System.out.println("In try block of Service method...");
                     int iPartCount = msg.getPartCount();
                     for (int i=0; i
                      msgBody = msgBody+(String)msg.getPart(i).getContent();
         // post the message
                     System.out.println("Incoming Message for posting data--||"+msgBody);
                catch (Exception ex) {
                    // Pass message onto the outbox.
                        //Add the message to the Outbox
                     XQMessageFactory messageFactory = ctx.getMessageFactory();
                     //String contentType = XQConstants.CONTENT_TYPE_XML;

                     XQMessage newProcessMsg = messageFactory.createMessage();
                        System.out.println("Message added to the outbox" );
                    catch (Exception ex) {

    Message is being added to the outbox because this "Message added to the outbox"  is printing succesfully in log and after that I am getting error.

    I found one regarding this error

    If there is an error sending a message returned from the XQEndpoint.send( ) method:

    rejectedCode = XQ_ENDPOINT_EXCEPTION

    But I am not sure how to solve this



  • I found an issue regarding this exception.

    It was giving null pointer exception because the string which I used for creation of message was set NULL by mistake.

    WHich was causing an exception for message.

  • Problem was in the orignial service code -- just a simple mistake. There was no ESB issue, per se.