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why performance was so poor?

  • hi:

    I deployed a webservice on IIS like this: public bool Handler()

    Then I deveop a esb process to call this webservice in SonicESB.

    I tried to call 100k times. If I call webservice in IIS directly, it took about 10 minutes. But If I call ESB webservice , it take more than 10 hours. No error happened. I am sure sonic esb peformance wont be so poor. so what had happend, what can I do to improve the performance? thanks

  • You should go to the Service page for the Web Service invocation step.  On the Advanced Properties table, there is a setting

    ‘Use SonicMQ Http’

    If you set the value ot 'Advanced WS & HTTPS only, then you will bypass the extra step to go to the broker for outbound HTTP and you should see better performance.