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Communication between Sonic ESB and Websphere MQ


Communication between Sonic ESB and Websphere MQ

  • Hi,

       I am trying to send message from sonic ESB to a queue in Websphere MQ. While starting the configured WMQ JMS Queue Sender off ramp service, It didn't start. Imported the required jar from websphere MQ to Below dir System/SonicESB/services/esb_wmq/1.1 and below are the file contents....

    Primary connction Factory properties :



    Connection Pool properties



    Also I attched the configuration screen details. Please advice.

    WMQ JMS Queue Sender Off-Ramp.JPG

  • I think you've already done this, but check out the documentation and samples at

    Other than that, there is nothing obvious in what you are doing that looks wrong or invalid.  However, what is the error you are seeing?  I would also try restarting the container hosting the WMQ service to verify it is getting the latest settings and cache values for the jar files you uploaded.   I'd also check the container log for this container hosting the service for any additional information.

  • Hi William,

       The error I am getting is " Unable to start MQSender from dev_ESBCore ".  MQSender is my service Name.



  • My first question would be whether you copied the WMQ jar file into the CLASSPATH or changed the CLASSPATH to reference the jar file in the installed location.  In the latest version, the WMQ jar file manifest references several other jar files.  So you need only the one jar file in your path but it needs to be able to find the other ones that it references.  It is very common that the jar files will be copied but the dependencies are not accounted for.  Please see the "Environment Variables" chapter in the WMQ V6.0 or WMQ v7.0 Infocenters, as appropriate for your version.  Make sure you can run the Initial Verification Test (IVT) before moving on to configure the ESB.

    Also, the current WMQ client version is compatible with v6.0 or v5.3 queue managers but it has been rewritten for performance and has incorporated some bug fixes.  Among other improvements, only one jar file to reference in the CLASSPATH so it is simpler to use.  I would recommend using the current WMQ v7.0 client in all cases, even if it is connecting to a back-level QMgr.


    -- T.Rob