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installHeadless=true in SDM 8


installHeadless=true in SDM 8

  • When I run SDM (cleanDomain.bat), a command window pops up when starting Domain Manager.

    There used to be parameter 'installHeadless' in version 6. But either it is not supported or does not work.

    I tried passing this parameter in command line, and file.

    Is there a way to run the SDM silently ? Even when the cleanDomain.bat output is redirected to a log file, the Domain Manager startup opens in new windows (it seems it runs in new JVM). Is there a way to pass the "-Djava.awt.headless=true" to the Domain Manager launcher.bat ?

    If this is not possible, is there a way to say: "Do not start Domain Manager when the SDM installs" i.e. something similar to <BootContainer>false</BootContainer> in Model.xml for other containers.

  • Ed,

    yes indeed in Sonic8 SDM will start the domain manager in the forground on Windows and in the background on Unix. There is no way to avoid the start of the domain manager though. It is required to complete the second phase of the SDM cleanDomain: configuring all remote containers.

    So let me ask the question what the use case is for you? Why don't you want the domain manager to start? And if that is not the problem: Why most it be in the background?

    If you indeed want it just in the background why not run it as Windows Service instead?

    BTW, the headless setting never had any effect on Windows.


  • Hi Thomas,

    I'm working with customer regarding this issue.

    The reason he doesn't want to start DomainManager is because when Domain Manager starts it outputs messages on Console and there is no way to redirect those messages to file.


    Supriya Kulkarni

  • The lauchcontainer scripts support an additional command line argument which is the name of a log file to redirect output to. SDM does not use that but could be modified (by the customer) to do so.

    Still, I would like to understand why you would not want the console visible?

  • The Sonic installation is done programatically without any intervention from the customer.

    The program creates the Model xml files configuration based on customer needs and starts the SDM with the output going to a log file.

    Is there a way to change properties of the Container launcher files ? There is no way to specify this before (or after) the SDM start and before the SDM starts the Domain Manager.

  • Hi,
    Can someone please verify the steps taken below are right approach for installing Sonic 8.0.1 using SDM, you should first

    1.       Download Sonic 8.0 and Install product using option Install Domain Manager -> Don’t select Don’t Install Domain option so they can get SDM and products install

    2.       Update installation to 8.0.1

    3.       Run SDM model to install Domain Manager

    Is this sequence correct?
    Also if they have Domain manager, messaging broker and backup broker, they will have to

    1.       Use the following command on machine which will run Domain Manager

    cleanDomain.bat logical_host=primaryHost data_dir=sonic_install_path

    2.       If there is requirement for backup broker (this is decided by client), Update Model.xml file with correct backup machine name.

    updateDomain logical_host=backupHost

    3.       On machine that will run backup broker: Install install_container_launcher.exe using the response file. Make sure the Host Manager is started automatically.

    4.       Using SMC, setup container that can be started by remote Host Manager.

    Is  above procedure correct?