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How to count the nomber of message received in a Queue?


How to count the nomber of message received in a Queue?

  • Hello,

    I would like to count the message number received in a Queue with java program. I can see this with the Sonic soft, in the metric. Do I have to use the IMetric interface or a queue Listener?


  • Look for the sonic management API,


    public interface IQueueData

    If that works for you.

  • GetMessageCount() in IQueueData returns the number of messages currently held in the queue. I don't count every message.

  • It don't count each message, it gave the messages numbers, I tried this and it gave me the count of the message that was in there in the QUEUE at that point of time.

    Try with this.

    connector = CountMessage.getConnector("tcp://localhost:2506", "Administrator", "Administrator");

    // create a proxy to the broker component

    IBrokerProxy broker = CountMessage.getBrokerProxy(connector, "Domain1", "DomainManager", "MgmtBroker");

    // get the queues

    Object[] queues = broker.getQueues(null).toArray();

    // list the queues and their message count

    for (int i = 0; i

    System.out.println(((IQueueData)queues[i]).getQueueName() + ", " + ((IQueueData)queues[i]).getMessageCount());

  • I don't want the message number in Queue but I want a listener which count the number message received.

  • manage the stateful object in the listener, and you can count the messages it processed since it started .

    I am not sure, if that is what you are looking for.

  • The queue.messages.DeliveredPerSecond and queue.messages.ReceivedPerSecond metrics are averaged over the broker-wide collection interval, so you are unlikely to get what you want via metrics.  What is the use case?

  • I want to create a java app for monitoring queues.

  • Are there particular aspects you are looking to monitor - e.g. queue depth, queue content?

  • No, I want only to know the message count received.