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Sonic Testing with JUnit and other tools


Sonic Testing with JUnit and other tools

  • We are using Sonic 8.0.1 for an ESB deployment in an application that will be very dynamic and have new messages being added frequently. We'd like to set up an integration and testing environment so that we can continuously test.

    Does anyone have any experience testing Sonic ESB this way that can help with a head start?

    - Using a Continuous Integration platform like Hudson.

    - Additional information for the JUnit API. We're finding the brevity of the documentation and samples a real challenge. Some samples would be really helpful.

    - Other approaches.



  • Hi Stephen,

    I created a couple of weeks ago a document about using the SDP/GFO-build platform together a standalone JMS Unittest tool that does this. The document asumes you already have the SDP/GFO-build platform installed.

    See (attached a pdf of the same document)

    Currently at customer Pearle Benelux, each morning the latest version of our SDM model (with the latest version of the projects) is installed and after this we run defined scenarios using the JMS Unittest. This Unittest tool create a html page with the result so per day you can see if everything still works oke.