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SonicConnect: Add Operation Greyed Out


SonicConnect: Add Operation Greyed Out

  • In the SonicConnect service editor, in the area to add WSDL references and operation references to the SonicConnect Service, the "Add Operation" menu item is greyed out.

    I'm using Sonic v8.0.1 and have found it difficult to simply add a new operation which has since been added to a WSDL which has already been implemented in a SonicConnect service.  Is there a reason the "Add Operation" option is greyed out and not available to simply add a new operation?

    I need to do this for both a SonicConnect service and a SonicConnect service client.  Twice now, it appears I need to remove the entire WSDL and operations included and redo it from scratch versus simply being able to add an operation to the existing service.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Add Operation for SOAP cases is not supported, i.e., for  SonicConnect service (Top Down Sonic Connect Web Service ) and a SonicConnect Web Service client.

    Add Operation is supported only for REST use-cases.

    If the WSDL used for generating Sonic Connect Service/Client is modified, you need to delete the Sonic Connect Service/Client from Sonic Connect Editor and redo the Service/Client generation.

    We have few enhancement requests (SNC00074941, SNC00081961) for supporting this use-case.

  • I'm glad these enhancements are being considered.  Thanks.