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Storing messages to disk

  • I am trying to store messages to disk and have been looking into as a means to dump the content of messages.

    However, TextMessage (and the other message types) are not serializable (I get

    What is the easiest way to store messages to disk?


  • Hi,

    Have you tried with File pickup and File drop services to pick up a file/to drop a file to the File system. I believe you can put the files to the disk using these services i.e., File drop service. There are good samples to illustrate how to put or pick up the files from the disk. You can find them @ "\ESB8.5\samples\Sample.ESB\File Handling". In that please refer to the samples "Binary File Transfer" and "XML Transfer with Transform".

    Hope this sample will help you in putting the XML Messages to the disk.



  • Thanks Hari, but this is an MQ client and I'd like to dump the messages (raw) to disk.

    I was a bit inaccurate in my question: I don't want to store only the content of the message to disk, I want to store the message itself.