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  • I am trying to create my first service connect project. I am following the steps below

    1. Create sonic connect project

    2. Import wsdl to create web service resource

    3. Upload all so that service is available.

    4. Insert service client in the process

    5. Provide transformation between XQMessage request and target service request

    I was hoping to see target service request attributes so that I can visually provide transformation between source and target (The way it happens in Oracle Service Bus). However, I don't see target schema instance.

    Expected target xml








    Actual target schema instance is in the attachment.

    I would appreciate if you can point me to appropriate documentation. I thought it should be straight forward but it is taking longer than it should.

    Thanks in advance



  • Hi Ashish,

    Please verify that step 5 (Provide transformation between XQMessage request and target service request) has been performed properly.  You need to map the request from the input ESB message to the Interface Parameter (it looks like your parameter is called "parameters" from your screenshot).  Likewise, you should map the response to the output ESB message.  Request/response mapping is configured in Workbench (where you took the screenshot).  The process should be uploaded after message mapping is completed.


  • To make this work I have created an XSLT that transforms the XQMessage content into the expected SOAP request. To figure out the exact formatting expected by the target service, I use SOAPUI. You need to create the full SOAP request... with the namespace declarations and such...