Hello All,

I am analyzing a integration project. In this project I have integrated the data from one export directory on IBM I Series IFS server (data is extracted to directory from BPCS erp).
I have a file reading service over my ESB developed in java.
Now I am deploying these services in ESB Container which is being run by exclusive Container.
Now challenge from me is how can I run this SONIC 6.1 Container on IBM I series ??
I have moved the tar files of Sonic lib jar & starcontainer.sh script & set env etc files to IBM I series.
But Now I am not sure will it be possible for me run these bash shell script & then Containers on server.
I tried to run the script using QSH command line, but I found below error
SONIC/apps/MQ6.1/bin/startcontainer.sh: 0403-057          1 : ``'                                                             
    /SONIC/apps/MQ6.1/bin/startcontainer.sh: 0403-057          1 : ``'                                                             
/ SONIC/apps/MQ6.1/bin/startcontainer.sh: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 1: `` 'does not match.
Please help & suggest me something.
My SONIC MQ & ESB is 6.1
And container version is 2.1.1