I have set up a test Sonic environment that exists of two servers. The environment is fault tolerant, and has clustered brokers (one for each server). On top of that our networking team has put the web services for the environment behind a load balancer. With this I have a few issues/questions.....

When I go into the .properties file that holds the addresses of the web services, they only work if I specify the machine name (i.e. TestServer1) in the URL instead of the DNS name, which means I'm never linking the address to the other server in any way. When I try using the DNS name, Sonic fails to start the web services, saying it cannot resolve the address (I have flushed the DNS and verified the servers can resolve it). So why is the DNS failing in this situation?

Also, if I do get a non-machine specific address to successfully start the services, when the network load balancer calls the servers, will the web service URL exist/work on either machine?

Just wondering what other Sonic administrators have done in this situation. Thanks.