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Inconsistency in web service output


Inconsistency in web service output

  • I am new to sonic workbench web services. I have sucessfully deployed the web service using simple database operation. All the container and the database services are in running state and it works well when testing with some scenario. I need output from web service as displyed all the values in row by row.

    Here I have attached all the screen shot of output values which seems to be inconsistent. And also my project. Please find the attachemnts.








  • It is hard to make sense out of a sequence of screenshots without the knowing what they are.  You say that it works something but not all the time.  Can you compare the results from db in the working case against the not working case?  Does it has to do with the number of rows returned?  You basically have three components to look at: Sonic Connect, DB Service, and XSL.  You need to identify where it fails.  To verify Sonic Connect, you can hard code some response and see if the client receives it properly.  For the DB service, you can verify the DB Service output and make sure the expected rows are returned.  You can send test input to XSL to make sure transformation works as expected.  Hope ti helps.

  • Hi William,

    These screen shots contains the inconsitency in the output of same web service while running in diffrent time interval.

    Here, first screen shot describes web service unable to show all database results.

    Second screen shot is the actual output from the db process that I want to deploy as web service.

    Third screen shot is the acutal output from the web service explorer what I want from web service.

    Similarly, fourth screen shot is the acutal ouput of the web service which viewd via SOAP UI.

    Fifth screen shot is not included for this web service it is accidently attached as output of other web service. sorry for this.

    Similarly, sixth and seventh are the different ouput from same web service without any modification. This appears in time to time.

    So what the thing is these all output (ie in screen shots) changes from different time where there is no any changes made in project.

    How to get out of this issue? And how to solve the problem of inconsistency in output.

    Best Regards,


  • 2nd screen shows the output doc structure from DB service.  


      ... n rows

    3rd screen shows the SOAP response body structure that you want.


      ... n rows

    4th screen shows the actual response body. Structure is unclear.  It only shows a seqence of
    which is the xpretname filed from the output.

    I am not a XSLT expert but if 3rd screen is the desired doc structure, your XSLT (below) should be looked at.


  • Hi William,

    XSLT file that you have mentioned is exactly matched with my case. But still such issue exists. Please can you go through my project that I had previously attached.

    I can't get out of this problem.

    Any solution?

    Thanks in advance


  • The XSLT file in my last post was yours (I copied from your project).  In my last post, I pointed out that the problem is your XSLT.

  • >Third screen shot is the acutal output from the web service explorer what I want from web service.

    Thrid screen is NOT what you want as Web Service responses.  According to your WSDL, the response body should look like this.


    I think you need to work on your XSL.  Here is a good resource.   It will take both of us the same amount of time to get up to speed on XSL :-).

  • Hi William,

    As you said, if I do mapping with xslt it will displays the record as all data of a particular field first and same for other field of database. But what I need is output as mentioned previously in third screen shot.

    I tried this using only database service to expose as  web services but it not worked. Actually I need response like output from esbdb processs having all records so that I could use it as row by row basis for each column.



  • can you capture the output from the db service in a file and share it?
  • HI William,

    Please find the attachments for db results.



  • Try this XSL:


           xmlns:xepst="" >