We have recently started using SDM (and SDP) for managing deployment and we are well down the road to doing our first deployment.

I am having problems where the deployed application is behaving differently (aka bugs) to my Workbench developemnt environment. This is fairly obviously a disconnect between artefacts in Domain1 on my localhost and the artefacts deployed to the testing domain.

It is a laborious process to manually clean out the Development Domain and refresh it, and anyway the workbench deploys artefacts differently to the way SDM does it.

Is there a convenient (already built) SDM Model that I can use as a starting point to do a cleanDomain / updateDomain for Doamin1 that Workbench uses so that I can debug what is actually being deployed?

Would that work?

Any other suggestions for an approach?

I know there is a tool to export a Domain in SDM but that would mean a complete workbench re-install to get a clean Development Environment Domain as a starting point. A lot of work. Has anyone already done it?

Sonic ESB 8.5.1