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API to get all the information about Administered Objects


API to get all the information about Administered Objects

  • Hello,

    I need to get a list for all the JNDI Destinations (lookup names/destinations names) and all the Connection Factories for testing purposes, I am basically trying to recreate the infomation displayed by the JMS Administered Objects Tool.



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  • Take a look at the 'Using the Sonic JNDI SPI' section in the SonicMQ Application Programming Guide, or at the List command in the Management | jndiAPI sample.

  • Hello Ronald,

    I have looked but didn't find anything for my specific needs, I don't want to modify anything, I just need to all the information about the administered objects. The sample I have looked at expect the user to use specific names for each administered object. Here is the description associated with the sample:

       samples\Management\jndiAPI     -- examples showing how to use either Java or JavaScript
                                         to programmatically organize and store JMS
                                         administered objects in the Directory Service based.

    Basically I am looking for something super simple





  • I tried list (from the JndiCLI sample) and I didn't get anything. I should have tried it on a node that actually has JNDI administered objects (I was misled when the output was blank instead of some kind of message informing me that no JNDI info was associated with that node).

    Thanks to you and Zhe and have a great weekend.