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Using Camel with old version of SonicMQ (5.02)


Using Camel with old version of SonicMQ (5.02)

  • Wondering is it possible to integrate Camel with a very old version of Sonic MQ (5.02). The queues in one of the legacy application we have, were built in 2003! When we try to post using Camel (with the sonic client jar on the classpath) we get class not found exceptions from Camel...

    java.lang.AbstractMethodError: javax.jms.ConnectionFactory.createConnection()Ljavax/jms/Connection;

    This relates to the old version of JMS api (1.02b) shipped with Sonic. Even if we put the correct version of JMS API on class path.. we get further... but then various sonic exceptions .....

    Wondering if it is even supported?? Has anyone tried this.. or have info the could share?

    Much Appreciated

  • Even an answer to the following would help:

    Can you point me to any documentation on  Sonic MQ (5.02)?

    What version of JMS did Sonic MQ (5.02) support?

  • I wouldn't expect V5 to be supported in any fashion, much less for newer features.

    google turns up this for the documentation

    The PDF files from there claim JMS 1.0.2b support.