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Evaluating SonicMQ

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and SonicMQ.  I'm currently evaluation SonicMQ and was wondering if I could get some feedback on the product from the folks actually using it.  Anything you can provide along the lines of:

    - performance numbers (eg. # of messages/day)
    - how long in production
    - type of hardware/servers used to run ActiveMQ
    - how often you take a release/upgrade
    - issues you are having or have had

    I like what I see so far from playing around with the product.  But will need to have some more info before making a purchase.


  • It's a solid product.

    In one of my customers, here are the stats:

    Usage: >10,000 msgs per day

    How long in production: Since 2001

    Downtime: Never, except for scheduled hardware maintenance

    Hardware/OS: Used to be Windows 2000 on a desktop PC with 1 CPU, 256MB RAM. Now running on Windows 2003 Server virtualize inside MAC OS10.4 with 1 CPU assigned, 256MB RAM. Windows run better when running virtual inside Mac using VMWare Fusion ($78.00).

    Upgrades: Every major version

    Past issues: Compatibily with Adapters for 4GL, for example, the adapter for Sonic 7.6 is not included in the 64-bit HP-UX but is supported in the 64-bit HP-UX Itanium. If you will be connecting to it from Progress 4GL, check first for adapter availability.