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JMS service for WebSphere MQ

  • <Content Lost - Question was on sending to WebSphere MQ from OpenEdge, using SonicMQ as a 'intermediary':  The question was about Message Loss>

  • You can reliably use Transacted Sessions in both WebSphere and Sonic MQ's, but there is no transaction manager that is coordinating the two JMS Transacted Sessions.   That is, it is not XA.

  • BTW... Starting in OpenEdge 11.5.1,  Progress OpenEdge provides a generic Java Message Service (JMS) adapter for messaging. This generic JMS adapter can operate with any JMS-compliant vendor, including SonicMQ, IBM WebSphereMQ, and ActiveMQ.    

    You can get more information in the product documentation, or look at the whitepaper on Community at

    (The original thread asked about using SonicMQ + a WebSphere Adapter as intermediary, and there were some issues guaranteeing delivery with the extra provider.   The NEW (11.5.1 JMS Message Service solves the issue of the extra hop as you can communicate directly from OpenEdge to WebSphere MQ)