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Sitefinity 4.1.1585 - internal build with Migration Module Preview

  • Sitefinity 4.1.1585 - internal build with Migration Module Preview
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    Dear all, 

    Sitefinity team has just released an internal build - 4.1.1585.0 - which contains the first preview of the Migration Module. Our purpose with this preview is to show you what we are working on, and to get your feedback regularly during the module development process. As we have written in a blog post some time ago, this module's development will be a continuous effort and the collaboration with you is very important, so that you can migrate your old projects as easy and soon as possible. The Internal build is available for download from your Client.Net accounts (download link).

    Release notes:

    What's new:
    - The migration tool is now reworked and included as a Sitefinity Module in the CMS
    - Much easier initial setup, on screen contextual help

    - Blogs and blog posts URLs are now persisted and backward compatible as they were in the 3.x project before the migration
    - Blog posts publication date is now persisted and stored as it was in the 3.x project
    - The content types that can be migrated immediately are shown on the screen - you can choose what to be migrated
    - Master files and themes are modified locally in 4.x
    - Fixed the commenting of the server-side tags in template .master pages – controls that can’t be transferred into 4.x are commented out properly in the master pages
    - Better migration and error logging
    - Stability improvements

    Other notes:
    - In this preview, the module can be accessed from the Dashboard (screenshot attached) or by accessing <your_project>/Sitefinity/Administration/Migration. In the next version, the Module will have a configuration entry which allows showing or hiding the module from the Administration.
    - At this point, master pages and themes should be migrated manually. We have plans for working on this area as well.
    - In this initial version of the module, migration is possible only from Sitefinity 3.7SP4 Standard Edition. We will support more versions with the time, as we are advancing with the module development. 

    Best wishes, 
    Sitefinity team.