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Migration of sitefinity framework 3.7 to 4.2

  • Migration of sitefinity framework 3.7 to 4.2
  • Hello,

    We have already done a project on sitefinity using 3.7 framework.Now,we want to convert it into 4.2 framework.We have done the

    a)copied the Migrationservice.svc file to the root of  our website EvolvedMe.

    b)copied the Telerik.Sitefinity.Migration.dll  and Telerik.Sitefinity.MigrationContracts.dll to the /bin folder of website.

    c)Edited the web.config file according to the instructions given in the dashboard of the sitefinity4.2 website.

    d)entered the sitefinity3.7 project URL.

    But after entering the URL a message is showing that the connection is failed.

    Now,Please tell me how can I get out of this problem?

    Thanks & Regards,
  • Hello Suman,

    Can you please let us know what the message is? Perhaps it will give us a hint so that we know how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance. 

    the Telerik team

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  • 294262_migrationservice.png

    Try accessing the migration service directly on the 3.7 site by going to yoursite/.../MigrationService.svc after you've uploaded the svc file. This should show you an error (if you have CustomErrors off in web.config) if there is a problem with the 3.7 configuration.

    If the page loads correctly (it should look like the attached image) there might be a problem with the 4.2 site communicating with the 3.7 site. In that case, check the error log inside the app_data folder of the 4.2 site for more information.