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Migration Guide now available

  • Migration Guide now available
  • Thanks for your patience everyone, the Sitefinity 3.x to 4 Migration Guide is now available.

    As internal and official updates are released, I will work quickly to update this guide with breaking changes, new features, considerations, requirements, and other changes.

    Please continue to share your feedback with us on both the guide and your migration experience so that we can work quickly to improve the module.

    Thank you!
  • Thanks Josh,

    Unfortunately the feedback right now is not good.  We tried to use the migration module in 4.2 on several sites for customers and it did not work at all.  Tons of errors and warnings and hanging in the middle with no messages of what is going on.

    I tried to go through a very simple site that does not have any custom controls or modifications of any kind (blog.falafel.com) is our blogging site, and that is the only things it has, nothing else, it failed. 
    The module had tons of problems with the users conversion, and did not bring in any blogs or blog posts at all and was left hanging.

    I offered to send the site and the database and received no answer from Telerik at all.

  • Hey Lino,

    You'll probably be contacted through other channels regarding your project & feedback, however I'll quickly weigh in from my limited perspective.

    Internally we've been working to migrate several of our own projects and discovered several items that need improved.  Many of these are already mentioned on the guide.  I've [personally] been hesitant to involve customer projects while these issues remain.  It feels like we'll just stumble into the same roadblocks.

    With the next internal build I'm told most of the issues we discovered internally will be removed.  I'm then very interested in engaging with customers to discover issues we didn't identify internally.


    I'm sorry you didn't get a reply.  I was probably cc'd on your email.  I should've at least replied to say "we're aware of several outstanding issues and we're waiting for the next internal build to engage heavily with customer projects".

    All this being said, we're getting fairly close to this milestone.  Sorry again for the frustration.  As always your feedback & involvement is greatly appreciated.

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS
  • Thank you Gabe

    I truly appreciate everything you do.

    Wish you and the team the best to get this VERY important tool working to start getting people to move to 4.x