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Easy way to change paths rewritten (oddly) by migration tool

  • Easy way to change paths rewritten (oddly) by migration tool
  • I finally got the migration tool to run and work on the site (which turned out to be an extremely painful process). It has rewritten paths for pages in an odd way:



    Obviously I want to remove the "--" at the beginning of the paths and the "-aspx" at the end of each.

    Is there an easy way to do this directly in the database without having to do it on each individual page through the administrative interface for pages? Where is this path data stored and is it feasible to run a script to edit it directly?
  • Brandon,

    I recall encountering this same issue when I used the original migration tool on the 4.2 release. This issue was resolved with both the internal build and the latest 4.2 SP1 that was just put out yesterday.

    Into which version of Sitefinity are you migrating your content? If not the latest release can you try again with the new sp that just came out? hopefully that will fix these issues.

    If not can you send me the completed migration log so I can forward it to the team?

  • I was migrating it into Standard Edition Trial Version 4.2.1650. I don't think trying it again is an option. I'm definitely not going through that again and the budget just isn't there. I need some kind of a solution to fix the existing paths. I assume they're stored in the database somehow. Is that correct?

    Migration log is here: accessefm.clickfarminteractive.com/accessefm.com-migration-log.txt
  • I understand where you're coming from, and I'm sorry to hear your experience isn't what you expected.

    to answer your question, I believe it should be possible to modify the page properties in a batch using the API. there is a simple example of using the API to modify a page here: http://www.sitefinity.com/40/help/developers-guide/sitefinity-essentials-pages-modifying-page-properties.html

    You could retrieve all the pages, then use a string replace to delete all double dashes ("--') and the ending string ("-aspx") from the url-name property of the page.

    I do recommmend that you backup the database, as well as simply outputting the resulted change (instead of saving it directly) so you can see what's happening before you commit anything.

    However, this hopefully should get you on the right track to fixing those urls, please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

    hope this is helpful!