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Migration in shared hosting environment

  • Migration in shared hosting environment
  • I am using Sitefinity 3.5 in shared hosting environments (discountasp.net and seekdotnet.com). My licenses are coming up for renewal so I need to migrate to Sitefinity 4.  I know I need to upgrade to Sitefinity 3.7 SP4, first, and then use the migration tool.  Has anyone attempted the migration in a shared hosting environment, particularly discountasp.net or seekdotnet.com?  Can it be done, how can it be done, and are there any known hangups?  Best Regards,  Mark.
  • when I needed to upgrade my site to the latest Sitefinity 3 version, it was running on shared hosting too. I was unable to perform the upgrade in place because of restrictions on permissions on the live server.

    I needed to download the site to my local machine, apply the upgrade locally, then migrate that back to the live site.

    If you are on shared hosting you'll likely have to do the same. It's recommended that you do this anyway because that way if you encounter any issues, your live site doesn't go down, and is only updated after you know everything works.

    Plus, if you download your site, update it locally to 3.7 SP4, you can easily move on to migration from there, since it's recommended you upgrade from a local copy anyway.

    I hope this is helpful!
  • Thanks, that is helpful.  I suspected I might have to do that, but I wasn't sure.  Based on your response, I understand you had no further issues with uploading the web-site back to your shared hosting environment.

    Just to be safe, I am considering creating a second web site on my shared host, uploading my upgrade to it, testing it, and then pointing my domain name to the new web site, rather than overwriting my current web-site file system and database.
  • Hi Mark,

    You can perform the migration process on your local environment and make sure everything runs properly just as Josh proposed. This way you will be able to quickly diagnose any errors or other problems you may encounter during or after the migration procedure.

    The following thread might be useful to you as well.

    All the best,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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