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Migrating to 4.4 - Issue with Templates

  • Migrating to 4.4 - Issue with Templates
  • I already submitted a support ticket, but I thought I'd post here as well, in hopes of getting responses faster.  I was really hoping to get through migration this week, because there isn't a lot of website use due to holidays.

    So, I'm trying to migrate from 3.7 SP4 ASP.NET 4.0 to version 4.4, using Migration Tool.  I'm following instructions found on http://www.sitefinity.com/blogs/joshmorales/posts/11-11-22/migrating_sitefinity_3_to_4_deep_dive_preparation.aspx.

    Having trouble with master pages.   Getting errors such as this one:

    ""Registering template "MyTemplate"...
    Error: template MyTemplate failed to migrate. The related master page ~\/App_Master\/MyTemplate.master failed to load.

    This happens for each master page, except for one.  We have nested master pages in the 3.7 site.  The problem seems to be related to the nesting, since the only master page that doesn't error out is the one that IS NOT tied to any other master page.  The structure of the 3.7 site is like this:

    - ROOT
        - Site.master
        - App_Master
            - Basic.master (standalone master page - does not inherit from anything)
            - MyTemplate.master (inherits from Site.master)
            - etc. (other master pages inheriting from Site.master)

    When migrating to 4.4, i copied the Site.master file and the App_Master folder into the root of the 4.4 site (same relation to root as in 3.7 site).  When running migration tool, I get the errors described above.

    I tried moving the Site.master into the App_Master subfolder and changed the relative path in child master pages to reflect this.  I also removed the code-behind from the Site.master page, just to eliminate it for troubleshooting.  No luck.

    Any thoughts?  Anybody have issues with nested master pages?
  • Update:

    I found that I need to change things in the original 3.7 site in order for things to work.  I moved the Site.master page from root into the App_Master subfolder and edited the child master pages to point to the new location.  Then I copied the static files (along with the App_Master folder) into the new ver 4.4 site).  After that, the migration tool seems to migrate the templates without errors. 

    So, even though nested master pages worked in one way in the pre-4.0 days, it seems that they may not necessarily work the same way now.
  • Hi Marko,

    I see that my colleague Stanislav handled your request on the support channel. If you wish you can share more information of the response from the ticket.

    All the best,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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  • I was having template issues as well, and discovered the migration service doesn't like when you have content control ID's that match html element ID's (not a control).

    <asp:Content id="main" runat="server">
    <div id="main"> ... </div>


    Fixing my IDs did the trick.
  • Thanks, that's good to know.  I didn't happen to run into that, luckily.  My issue was tied solely to the fact that I had the parent master page in a different folder (root of the site) than the child master pages in App_Master folder.  Moving the parent one into App_Master subfolder fixed the issue.

    In the support ticket response from Telerik, they also warned me to do this in child master pages in SF 4+:

    <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="TopBanner" Runat="Server">
        <asp:ContentPlaceHolder runat="server" ID="TopBanner"></asp:ContentPlaceHolder>