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Sitefinity 4.4 Migration Tool 404

  • Sitefinity 4.4 Migration Tool 404
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    I am trying to migrate a 3.7 site to 4.4 to demo the updated interface and new features to a potential new client.

    I have done a new install of 4.4 and created an emtpy site to migrate into, when clicking on the 'You have a site on Sitefinity 3.7 SP4?' button I get a 404 page and can't continue.  I have tried reinstalling a couple of times without success.

    I then went to another local 4.4 install (different server, same SF version) and clicked the button just to see.  I then got the attached error message.

    Is there anything obvious that could be causing this?
  • Phil, this is an error i've not yet seen, so I expect the support team might have more insight than I, but off the top of my head it looks like it might be an issue with the sitefinity license.

    did you use the same license file on both sites? what do you see under license details when you go to Administration > Version and Licensing in the Sitefinity backend?
  • Thanks for the feedback

    I think you are probably correct, I am using the community edition for both prior to purchase so may be something that requires a full license to run.