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Users migrated but passwords not working..

  • Users migrated but passwords not working..
  • Hi,
    I have migrated users from 3.7 sp4 website to 4.3 and then upgraded to 4.4. After which I have found the users were migrated, but their old passwords do not work and either does the password "password".
    I have read a bunch of posts to see if I can reverse the salt and encryption to find out what the passwords have been changed to but it seems you can't..
    What do you recommend??
  • ok, I have re-migrated my users using 4.4 and the passwords have appeared to come over but the membership provider they are in is the OpenAccessMembership37Provider.

    Now the question is how do I make the OpenAccessMembership37Provider the default provider?
    I tried adding the following in web.config:
     <membership defaultProvider="Default">
                    <add name="Default" type="Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Migration.Security.Data.OpenAccessMembership37Provider, Telerik.Sitefinity"/>

    but I get the error:
    Provider must implement the class 'System.Web.Security.MembershipProvider'.
  • Hello,

     The reason we developed it is because 3.7 uses different authentication algorithms and approach from 4.x. The alternative option was to migrate the users in the default provider but with new passwords and then reset the passwords for all users from 3.7 which was not a good option, especially for sites with many users. With code you can "move" the users to the default provider but they'll not be able to log in and will have to reset their passwords. However, you cannot make the OpenAccessMembership37Provider the default one. You will either have to use both providers (this is recommended and causes no issues) or move your users to the default provider, losing their old passwords.

    Kind regards,
    Svetoslav Petsov
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Svetoslav,

    Can you explain how to use both membership providers?

  • Have you explain how to use both membership providers?  I am having the same issue with Sitefinity 5.1.  I have over 16000 users, would hate to deal with password resets.

    Thanks David
  • I got the user login control working now.  I had to select the membership provider under data for the control for anybody running into this issue.

    Have to read up on the differences between the default provider and the OpenAccessMembership37Provider..