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Connection Error

  • Connection Error
  • Hi all, working on upgrading a client site from 3.7 to the latest 4.4 build. Had an issue with the templates not upgrading at all with the 4.3 build I had so I switched to the 4.4 latest. Problem is that I can go to localhost/sitefinity/ and log in with credentials that I know. When I try the migration wizard though and enter localhost as the url plus the same credentials I get an error that the test connection failed. Any thoughts?
  • An update for anybody that encountered this, I updated the migrationservice files to the 4.4 versions (previous attempt at the upgrade was with 4.3 version) and it connected fine.
  • Hi there,

    I am experiencing the same issue. I have already checked other threads and the amount information just isn't enough. Please look into this Telerik!

    Kind Regards