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 Patch Notifications and Release Notes

Sitefinity 11.1 Patches


    Sitefinity 11.1.6821.0 Release Notes

    What’s fixed:

    • Multisite & Multilingual: Translating a page and adding controls to it leads to duplicate control ID error when no page draft entry in db. (FP)
    • Dynamic Modules: Adding a short field named 'Guid' should not be possible (FP)
    • Categories - select a parent displays items from the default language instead of current language (FP)
    • SitefinityManager.AuthenticateUser() always generate session cookies (FP)
    • Search index concatenating words with h2 and p tag (FP) (FP)
    • Google Analytics metrics are displaying incorrectly when Default language is not English (FP)
    • Sitemap generates wrong url for domains that have subfolder (FP)
    • Sitemap generation duplicates site Url segment for child pages that display Detail view (FP)
    • Client-side error on viewing properties of an event in the backend
    • Deleting Lucene index occasionally throws an exception
    • Documents & Files: Unable to configure PDF files to open in new tab using content block widget
    • Signout endopoint does not work when Backend UI is disabled (FP)
    • DEC Connector: You cannot delete tracking for a site name that doesn't exist anymore (FP)
    • When the language for a Site is one, in the Labels & Messages there is not a dropdown to select languages (FP)
    • Restricted users got access to Templates(Page templates) in Design menu (FP)
    • Site Sync: "Priority in Sitemap" value for pages is not synced to target (FP)
    • Site Sync: When Ordinal of documents frequently reordered in the Source site gets too tinny, Sitefinity creates a new Ordinal in Target site (FP)
    • Site Sync: Restarting target server during sync process leads to successful sync, but not all items are synced to the target
    • Site Sync: Deleting of personalized version of widget and adding new one does not delete the deleted one
    • Site Sync: Deadlock in starting Sitefinity with Schduled tasks for sync
    • Site Sync: Module Builder: When syncing a dynamic module with custom taxon the taxon is not selected for sync by default
    • Site Sync: An exception is thrown when you navigate back from details screen.
    • Site Sync: Cannot delete Sitesync history item from actions menu
  • Sitefinity 11.1.6822.0 Release Notes

    What’s fixed:
    • SiteSync breaks documents that are not synced in Singlesite Multilingual Scenario (FP)
    • FrontendLoginPageUrl setting does not work for restricted media content (FP)
    • SiteSync sometimes not synchronizing a page related media image custom field
    • Personalization for whole page thows Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (FP)
    • In-line Editing Tool: ContentBlock restricted to be modified by Administrators only, prevents Page from published in the frontend while logged as an Editor. (FP)
    • Site URL Settings adding extra ? on SSL redirect (FP)
    • E-mail link in Content Modules not working with AdminApp (FP)
    • Complete category path should be shown in the edit view of the content in blogs (FP)

  • Sitefinity 11.1.6823.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Publishing an item translation publishes scheduled changes (FP)
    • Edit mode instead of read only mode is displayed for users without edit permissions
  • Sitefinity 11.1.6824.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Distributed OutputCache performance improvements