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 Patch Notifications and Release Notes

Sitefinity 9.2 Internal Builds

  • Sitefinity 9.2 Internal Builds
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6201.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Revision History: Viewing an entry for an Event will show incorrect information (FP)

    • ElasticSearch: Fields containing underscore are renamed in the TocamelCase method, making impossible to return results from these fields (FP)

    • Scheduling creates revision history entry from System user (FP)

    • Responsive design rules are always applied when editing pages in the backend (FP)

    • Images: Performance degradation (FP)

    • Media content items throw 404 Not Found in multilingual site (FP)

    • Missing Analytics config in advanced settings (FP)

    • Pages: Discard Draft option does not work on users with Author or Editor roles (FP)

  • Sitefinity 9.2.6202.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Database: Historical information of deleted items are not removed from tables sf_version_items and sf_version_chnges (FP)

    • Web forms tags widget does not generate correct urls if content widget is on different page (FP)

    • Email Campaigns: Send check message does not work as expected (FP)

    • Analytics: User list for permissions displays only 40 users (FP)

    • Feather Taxon selector: Selecting a child category causes the designer to load incorrectly (FP)

    • Responsive Design: Css transformations null reference when invalid page id is passed (FP)

    • WebApi: Concurrency issue - item strategies are singleton
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6203.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Security fixes
    • Security: Unable to change permissions of libraries under Administration -> User files in multisite (FP)
    • Cannot change library url to upper case
    • Add additional logging in SiteSync
    • Comments have two href attributes (FP)
    • Ecommerce: Product additional url removed when new one is added for alternate language (FP)
    • Redirect page converted to regular page persists properties in database (FP)
    • Cannot delete custom classification item in multilingual and multisite project (FP)
    • Content Block: Users are able to see edit options for restricted shared content blocks after adding the widget (FP)
    • Feather: Cannot set attributes values that contain spaces in forms validation attributes (FP)
    • Feather: Pager is throwing exception if pages are more than 10 (FP)
    • Feather: Captcha is not validated client side form (FP)
    • Feather: Classification field for a custom classification throws exception in Dynamic Content details view (FP)
    • Feather: No client-side validation of custom rule in MVC Form (FP)
    • Feather: Required attribute is encoded in MVC Form (FP)
  • Hi Kiril,

    The nuget packages are published.



  • Hi,

    Do you know when the nuget package will be published?


  • Sitefinity 9.2.6211.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Twitter feed widget uses http:// protocol for the user avatar image when the page requires SSL (FP)
    • Module builder permissions: Breaking permissions inheritance for dynamic content type for non-default provider doesn't work as expected (FP)
    • Dynamic Module permissions for non-default providers: Delete permissions not working (FP)
    • Pages: Restricted pages are retrieved by the service regardless the user permission to View the page (FP)
    • Advanced settings: Cannot set Value of field definition element (FP)
    • FormsControl: the selected form is not marked (FP)
    • Content Block: Users are not able to select shared content block if one of the content block is with permission <View this content block> set to Administrators only
    • Cannot edit Content blocks (both MVC and WebForms) using Inline Editing if the widget is from a template but “Editable on pages”. (FP)
    • Responsive design Basic settings view broken (FP)
    • Forums: Permalinks wrongly generated when different Forums widgets placed in different pages (FP)
    • Publishing images in another language from the More actions menu does not translate the images properly (FP)
    • Fedex shipping provider: PackagingType is not included in the XML that is send to Fedex service
    • User Profile widget: Edit view shows cached data if page is Output cached (FP)
    • Feather: Media field confusing label when no media item selected (FP)
    • MVC Forms: Changing the FieldName value will cause the form to crash in a page (FP)
    • Feather Forms: Cannot submit if one form is using Ajax Submit and other form is not (FP)
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6212.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Events: Calendars from different provider are not displayed in Events widget > Narrow selection by calendars
    • Events: Unable to add event to calendar using 'iCal' in iOS and Safari (FP)
    • Page URL of the imported translations is not validated (FP)
    • Ecommerce: Broken links in custom LongText fields (FP)
    • Unlicensed modules are with status "Failed" after the project is created (FP)
    • Items with different values of long text field in default culture and in invariant culture are modified on checkout (FP)
    • URLRulesClient does not work (FP)
    • Feather: Change Password Url Action is case sensitive
    • Feather: MVC Widget templates of a Dynamic module disappear after any change is made in the template (FP)
    • Feather: SfPlaceHolder inside a PartialView doesn`t render (FP)
    • Feather: MVC Calendar - Events won't appear on page with URL contains special characters (FP)
    • Feather: After upgrade there is NullReferenceException thrown if page is open for edit of non-default culture 
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6221.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Unable to place widgets on page (FP)
    • Analytics: Permissions user list paging returning different number of users on each page
    • Fluent API for pages allows deletion of all widgets in the whole site (FP)
    • Sitefinity "Cannot save file:[Row not found: GenericOID]" error when uploading large file to Amazon S3 (FP)
    • Content items: It is not possible to delete an item (News, Blog post, Dynamic module, etc.) when accessing to its Edit vew from the Dashboard (FP)
    • Inline editing adding style to links (FP)
    • Feather: MVC forms Success/Error message cannot be customized
    • Feather: Performance improvements for Dynamic modules
  • How can I download 9.2.6203.0?
  • Hi Mickey,

    You can download any specific version through nuget

    Or inside your account if u have licence attached to your account:

  • Sitefinity 9.2.6224.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Multiple MVC AJAX Forms on the same page create entry in the wrong form (FP
    • MVC Navigation overlaps the subpages after sub-level 3 (FP)
    • Feather: Filter search results by view permissions not working (FP
    • Labels: Deleting a label from Labels and Messages page in the backend will open a 404 message (FP)
    • Additional urls with a path for child pages throw 404 (FP)
    • Reordering of  images in content item on Chrome escape the cursor position (FP)
    • Editing Pages backend page shows a widget with Object Reference error (FP)
    • Documents from the recycle bin downloaded (FP)
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6225.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Chrome: Html field height overlap in Designer (FP)
    • REST services help page is now configurable through web.config. In order to enable help page which is disabled by default you need to add the following code in endpointBehaviors section in web.config:
      <webHttp helpEnabled="true" />
    • "File not found" error when deleting media items (FP)
    • Selectors: Link selector not removing sfref attribute from anchor tag (FP)
    • WebServices: Choices field checkboxes throwing "Operation is not valid" error (FP)
    • Form subscription does not permit emails with a top level domain of 5 characters or more (FP)
    • SiteSync: Page permissions are synced although sync of permissions is disabled
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6226.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Pages: Unpublished Page in Multilingual staying in Navigation (FP)
    • Forms: Fields cannot be identified by field name in form responses
    • "Allow site search to index this page" requires re-index (FP)
    • Kendo: Unknown DataSource transport type 'json' in the backend (FP)
    • Revision history does not work after upgrade to Internal Build of 9.2 (FP)
    • Module Builder Dashboard generates wrong url when "Enable non-default Site URL Settings" is activated (FP)
    • SiteSync status page is blank ("The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime")
    • Changing parent page URL causes some child URLs to become the same as their additional URLs
  • Sitefinity 9.2.6227.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Synchronizing a page that publishes and unpublishes at specific time is not working (FP)
    • Time picker disappears when content item is a child (FP)
    • RadEditor's LinkSelector does not work correctly on links inserted through the HTML editor (FP)
    • When Sitefinity is sub-folder and custom error page is under https the status page do not redirect to the home page after initialization (FP)
    • Feather: Angular error while editing Image Widget (FP)
    • Feather: MVC Form: Does not sync with Marketo when AjaxSubmit is used (FP)