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 Patch Notifications and Release Notes

Sitefinity 7.3 Internal Builds

  • Sitefinity 7.3 Internal Builds
  • This thread contains release notes for Sitefinity 7.3 version internal builds. These are the distributions built automatically from our source repository and include all latest fixes (new features are usually not included). If you have experienced any problem with the current official distributions there is a possibility that the issue has already been addressed in the latest internal build.

    The builds are available in the internal builds section of your Telerik accounts and will help you address critical issues without waiting for a major release or even a service pack. We recommend upgrading to the hotfix builds only if you experience the particular problems that were fixed in some of these builds.

    The internal hotfix builds have passed our fully automated test suite - which includes thousands of functional, integration, unit and performance tests. The actual bug fixes have also passed strict manual quality assurance and performance tests. These builds have not passed our full manual regression testing cycle that we do before each official release. These releases will not include breaking API changes, database changes and high-regression potential changes or fixes. Upgrade from these builds to the consecutive official release is fully supported. 

    The bug fix builds can be installed by any customer having a license for the particular official version that precedes them - that's the same policy we have for the service packs.

    The downloads are activated only if you have first downloaded the major official version that precedes them. For example, internal hot fix builds for 7.3 are available if you have downloaded 7.3.

  • Sitefinity 7.3. 5611 Version Notes

    What's fixed:

    • MVC Control properties are not persisted after sync on page live version(FP).


    • Moving all day event in calendar makes it no longer all day event
    • Resizing all day event makes it no longer all day event and calculates wrong dates
    • All day events are not placed in All day events section of Day and Week view of Calendar


    Sitefinity 7.3. 5612 Version Notes

    What's fixed:

    • All day events time is now properly calculated in the front-end pages.
    • Personalization rules for locations in USA are now properly applied on personalized pages.
    Navigation widget
    • In multilingual Drop-Down Navigation Widget no longer shows pages that don't have a translation in the current culture. (FP)
    • Fixed an upgrade issue with dynamic content permissions.
    • Pages displayed in Page selector form are now properly styled.
    • Resolved a styling issue in the Permissions section "Break Inheritance" button styling overlaps with the "How to" tooltop.
    • JavaScript Page Widget now properly sets relative URLs to files. (FP)
    • MVC Control properties are not persisted after sync on Page live version. (FP)
    • Narrow selection in the image selector now correctly searches only in the selected libraries.

    What's new

    • Introduced an option to configure server session timeout. It could be configured from Settings > Advanced > Security > Server session token lifetime
    • Introduced an option to turn on/off password autocomplete. It could be configured from Settings > Advanced > Login > Disable browser autocomplete
    Page Selector
    • Added a label to page selector that shows page status - published/draft. Added support for Pages Selector that allows lazy loading.

    Sitefinity 7.3. 5613 Version Notes

    What's new:

    • Pages Precompilation tool. Allows to precompile frontend and backend pages before deploying the site in production. Helps pages load faster when requested for the first time. Reduces processor load. Optimizes or skips the warm-up phase.

    What's fixed


    • Verify email uniqueness when editing user details.


    • Opening a forum post for reply by using query string parameter does not require authentication.​

    Related Data

    • Filtering, sorting and searching for ecommerce products in related data items selector are now properly working. (FP)


    • Relocating library to different provider is now working properly for the case when there are leftovers from previous relocation.
    • Fixed a problem when relocating library item fails and the procedure can't finish after retry.


    • CSS Page Widget now correctly sets relative URL to selected files.


    • Thumbnails are broken after upgrade to Sitefinity Hotfix 2 (build 7.2.5320.0 ) when using custom crop size, images dynamic resizing is enabled (AllowDynamicResizing) and image url signature (EnableImageUrlSignature) is set to true. You can find more information here.


    Sitefinity 7.3. 5614 Version Notes

    What's fixed:

    Related data

    • Exception on first load when using RelatedData Product -> Product (FP)


    • Azure: multilingual issue when using split tables (FP)

    Site Sync

    • Syncing image file causes target servers to display "System is restarting" message"


    • ​Returning a pdf as file result from MVC controller action in Classic mode renders a blank pdf file (FP)


    • Duplicate cookies in response headers (FP)
    • Pager not working properly when "UrlKeyPrefix" or "pageKey"is used (FP)
    • Continue link in the trial message page is not encoded
    • Clicking on Titles & Properties of the Sitefinity backend group page throws an exception (FP)
    • Unable to create a backend page when selecting the "Under parent page ..." option (FP)


    Sitefinity 7.3. 5615 Version Notes

    What's fixed:


    • Navigation control is not showing group page when all pages under it are redirecting pages (FP)


    • Failing upgrade to v7.0 when some content locations have invalid page id's.


    • Wrong content resolved in detail view when having contents with the same URL for different languages.


    Sitefinity 7.3. 5616 Version Notes

    What's fixed:


    • Redirect page which is visible in the navigation and redirects to another  redirect page throws an exception. (FP)
    • Navigation widget with custom selection of pages does not show child group types of pages. (FP)

    Libraries​ and Media Selectors

    • Implemented load on demand population to save HTML output and improve the performance in selectors used in Images, Documents and Video libraries, Toolbox widgets and different back-end modules.

      You can configure the default number of loaded items on each request by setting "Number of items to load" configuration property in Administration-> Settings -> Advanced -> Libraries.
      The default value is 0, which means that all items are loaded.
      You can set the property to value between 100 - 200 to get a better performance and save the HTML output in case you have over 1000 libraries or folders on a single level.
      The selector has been tested with about 6000+ libraries and folders on a single level and folders were loaded on demand without blocking or freezing the page output.

    Page Templates​

    • Layout control cannot be modified when it contains Navigation Widget with "Treeview" or "Horizontal with Dropdowns menus"  template (FP)


    • Workflow statuses "Reject", "Awaiting publishing" and "Rejected publishing" notification emails are the same as "Waiting for approval" notification email. (FP)

    Dynamic content permissions

    • Create button is not visible for child type when its parent item does not have 'Create' permissions. Parent type 'Create' permission should be evaluated instead of parent item.


    • A wrong exception is thrown when anonymous users are trying to access content items restricted only to authenticated users (FP)
    • LayoutsBasics.css cannot be removed on demand


    Sitefinity 7.3. 5617 Version Notes

    What's fixed:


    • Image, documents and video libraries cannot be deleted from edit properties view. (FP)
    Page Templates
    • Pure MVC template always loads personalization script. (FP)
    • Filter products by custom classification doesn't work in some cases. (FP)
    • Cannot create a form with FormMultipleChoice, FormDropDownList  or FormCheckboxes using the API. (FP)

    Email Campaigns

    • Fixed Mailing List Chart Height.
    • Fixed an email responsive design issue where the <DOCTYPE> tag was not appended to the email template.
    • Cannot set string property with a value containing quotation mark in User Control. (FP)
    • Not loading metafields attributes when having large amount of metafields.
    • Filtering by Culture breaks for custom cultures with numeric values in the culture code (Ex. en-111).

  • Sitefinity 7.3.5618 Version Notes

    What's fixed:

    Module Builder

    • When setting permissions on ModuleBuilder level, there is an error shown and they are not correctly propagated on inheriting DynamicModules, DynamicTypes and Dynamic Content items.


    • When having related data field on Page the Page duplicate options stops working. 
    • Navigation: Page redirecting to an external url shows in navigation no matter the translation

    Related data

    • Related data items ordering is not persisted correctly when the corresponding content item is edited.


    • Cannot restore content item from Recycle Bin when it has broken permission inheritance.


    • Non-minified version of Kendo results in error when minified version of RequireJS used in widgets (FP)
  • Sitefinity 7.3. 5619 Version Notes

    What's fixed:

    Image Selector

    •  The "Upload" button is disabled when selecting file for upload in IE 11
    •  Fixed alpha-numeric format validator for text field to work properly
    •  Fixed issue with @Html.BeginFormSitefinity which gives bad action URL
    •  Share preview link - Increased expiration timeout of share preview link to 2400 hours.
    •  Fixed issue with permissions setting for Module Builder Module
    Related Data
    •  Fixed issue when selected related data items reordering is not persisted correctly.
    •     Fixed problem with search results widget which renders Html from a styled long text field in a dynamic content type
    Site access
    •  When back-end user tries to access forbidden site backend he is redirected to the domain site or the default site, which can also be forbidden for him. As a result gaining access to a forbidden site.
    SiteMap Generator​
    •  Fixed issue with scheduled tasks - when using the "Weekly" schedule option - the task is sometimes scheduled for a wrong day.
    •  Fixed flat selector suggestion box issue
    •  Fixed error occurring when deleting a field from a profile type
    •  Improved language selector HTML markup to make it XHTML compliant.
  • Sitefinity 7.3.5620 Version Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Pages indexing throws an exception ('Object reference is not an instance of an object") when you have a redirect page and its linked page is deleted.

    Comments / Ratings
    • When you use custom Frontend Theme the CSS for Ratings is loaded incorrectly.
  • Sitefinity 7.3.5621 Version Notes


    What's fixed

      Sitemap Generator​​

      • Browsing and editing in the backend breaks the sitemap generation.

      Page Templates

      • Editing a property in an editable widget placed on a page template was reverting all the properties to their initial values on save.


      • Metafields are not  filtered by Application Name when they are cached, which could break categories and tags association with content in  specific cases.
      • Control Property Id for Legacy Control Property Implementation is not loaded, which could result in missing Id for custom User Controls.

      ​​What's new​:

      • Redirect page expiration: By default the page redirect cache will expire after one day (86400 secs.) Administrators will be able to change that in section "Settings -> Advanced -> Pages", in the field “Expiration time for permanent redirect”.
    • Sitefinity 7.3.5671 Version Notes

      What's fixed

      • Windows 10 Creators Update breaks Custom Membership providers