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 Patch Notifications and Release Notes

Sitefinity 8.0 Internal Builds

  • Sitefinity 8.0.5719 Version Notes

    What's fixed


    • Fixed an issue with the FormMultipleChoice widget that created a response with a value -AddOtherChoiceItemValue- when posting in the backend or when using an AJAX enabled form. (FP)

    Users and Profles

    • Deleting a profile field from a used profile, results in YSOD when editing the user.
    • Users which name is GUID cannot be set when NickName is empty (FP)
    • Unable to see recovered users' password when there isn't recovery email set under advanced settings (FP)
    • The "Is a public profile" property ignored when using a UserList widget. To apply a filter, open the widget for Edit > Advanced > ControlDefinition > Views > UserProfilesFrontendMaster and set IsProfilePublic = true for FilterExpression property. (FP)
    • Disabling Forums module causes "Invalid resource message" on EditUser screen (FP)
    • Using Auto-generated fields in UserProfiles widget templates thrown an error when you preview the page (FP)
    • User.IsLoggedIn doesn't display the correct status. There is a public method of SecurityManager, called IsUserOnline(string providerName, User user) that you can use to get whether the user is currently online or not (FP).
    • View Roles in BoxesView doesn't show users count. We applied a fix and now the users count per role gets update. This has been tested with 300 roles each with 500 users (150 000 users in the entire system) (FP)
    • YSOD "Type is enhanced and registered, but not available..." when deleting a custom field from a user custom profile
    • YSOD is thrown when trying to use an existing NickName with Profiles public widget (FP). 
    • Profile public widget - fixed issue with email validation and expose error message instead of refreshing the page with no logging.
    • Setting predefined values for First and Last name in the Basic profile results in 404(FP)
    • When creating a user the validation messages for First name and Last name fields are not cleared (FP).
    Sitefinity Compiler
    • Server returns random error when requesting page markup(FP).
    Other( not reproducible, closed) 
    • Content Block: making bullet list from multiple lines creates only one bullet (FP)
    • Page layout content disappear when layout element is edited (FP)
    • User Profiles: editing custom field's default value is not persisted after it is created
    • Profile type drop-down is not showing in the User Profile widget (FP)
    • Users: Profile of a user with Username ending with a period/dot cannot be viewed(FP)
    • Broken MasterListView template after adding more than four role providers (FP)
    • User Activation page displays null after selection(FP)
    • Sitefinity 7: Registration widget - Open a specially prepared page cannot be persisted(FP)
    • Pages with profile widget throw exception on postback (FP)
  • Sitefinity 8.0.5720 Version Notes

    What's fixed


    • Creating fields with the same name in different profile types results in saving only the last profile type data (FP, FP)
    • Profile widget: saving changes to the widget designer queries the user to leave/stay on page (FP)

    Sitemap Generator

    • Generated sitemap duplicates the default language prefix in case it is included for the default language (FP)


    • When changing permissions User selector initially displays users from all providers (FP)


    • Archive control persists and passes the paging value from the Querystring (FP)
    • VideoGallery Thumbnails + Overlay (lightbox) mode: AutoPlay option doesn`t work (FP)
  • Sitefinity 8.0.5751 Version Notes

    What's fixed

    • Windows 10 Creators Update breaks Custom Membership providers