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 Patch Notifications and Release Notes

Sitefinity 9.1 Internal Builds

  • Sitefinity 9.1 Internal Builds
  • Sitefinity 9.1 Internal Builds
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6111.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed

    • Taxonomies: Filtering by custom Tags in the backend always shows the Tag list in English (FP)
    • Images: Cropping tool crashes after attempted edit (FP)
    • Send to translation datepicker not usable with the light backend theme (FP)
    • SiteSelectorDialog in Forms module doesn`t persist selections on other pages that the current one (FP)
    • Users and roles selector that allows changing permissions doesn`t persist the selected roles/users on different pages (FP)
    • Custom taxonomy: Cannot filter by taxonomy with underscore in name in the backend (FP)
    • Exporting form responses checks for view permissions for all forms instead of the specific one (FP)
    • Analytics: Analytics pages do not show and hang when re-clicked (FP)
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6112.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed

    • Sitemap Generator cannot ping Google and Bing when Top-level domain is more than 5 characters
    • Documents from system libraries appear in search results
    • SitemapGenerator: ecommerce products are not included in the sitemap
    • MVC Forms: Changing the FieldName value will cause the form to crash in a page
    • Administration menu does not appear in case the user is granted with access to manage the workflow
    • Forms Permissions: User without Modify permission can modify a Form properties as well as its widgets
    • Dynamically resizing images resizes the image original viewed in "view all sizes" screen
    • Updating user activities can cause table lock issue in table sf_lic_user_activity
    • Ecommerce: Cannot view Top selling and Order reports with backend language different than English
    • When creating dynamic item using Sitefinity API inition revision of the item is not created
    • SiteSync: When we sync type with 0 items the sync fails
    • SiteSync: Fatal errors during sync lead to showing an empty summary screen
    • SiteSync: If we share provider the <items waiting for sync> property is wrong
    • SiteSync: MS: Items from default providers are logged for all sites when only one default provider is shared
    • SiteSync: MS: Items created in default providers are available for sync for other sites
    • SiteSync: Items created in default providers are available for sync for other sites (FP)
    • News Selector: Selected item's date disappear
    • Grids Translation icons doesn't appear properly
    • Light Theme: UI improvements for adding a custom field for Related data and Related media
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6113.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed

    • Module Builder: Dynamic module widget templates disappears from Design section when module name is changed (FP)
    • Media: Image Gallery widget in Thumbnail strip mode throws an error in IE11 (FP)
    • SiteSync: The errors in sync details are encoded 2 times
    • Forums: ForumPost class does not implement IDynamicFieldsContainer
    • Forums: GetValue() does not work with ForumPosts
    • Feather Widget Designers: Cannot resolve view if it has multiple dots in the name (FP)
    • Feather Media selectors: Special characters in library name are not displayed correctly (FP)
  •  Sitefinity 9.1.6114.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed

    • Personalization: Personalization per page is not working with custom theme (FP)
    • Personalization: In multilingual mode personalized control on personalized page based on personalized template is not visible in the frontend.
    • Configuration: Remove the explicit saving of ResourcesConfig.config in the file system regardless of the configuration storage mode
    • Libraries: Unpublished and deleted documents are still accessible (FP)
    • Page compilation: Page compilation issue after using duplicate page template which is based on its source template
    • Translations: Widgets editable on page are not sent for translation (FP)
    • Forms: No Scrollbar for light theme form (FP)
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6115.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed

    • Bug: Dropbox can not sync in case there is space in the file name.(FP)
    • Bug: Personalization: Using "United States" as Location does not personalize correctly (FP)
    • Bug: Navigation widget don`t show redirect pages if they link to a page that is configured not to be shown in navigation (FP)
    • Bug: RateRequestTypes is hardcoded in Fedex shipping provider
    • Bug: Facebook SDK API will be deprecated on 7th of August, 2016
    • Bug: URL for dynamic items cannot contain some Thai characters (FP)
    • Bug: Events widget: Can`t set ContentViewDisplayMode it always returns Automatic (FP) (FP)
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6116.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed

    • Bug: Cannot drop a layout/widget element on area in multiple columns with content (FP)
    • Bug: Incorrect Exception message shown when using SetValue (FP)
    • Bug: MVC Form - Expected format is not taken into account (FP)
    • Bug: Sitefinity LDAP membership provider does not authenticate users when LDAP Authentication is set to Basic (FP)
    • Bug: Related Media: The Upload Image link doesn't appear when adding Related Media as an Author (FP)
    • Bug: SSL and Feather widgets (FP)
    • Bug: Email message template changes are not reflected when creating new issue in an existing email campaign (FP)
    • Bug: Directory <project_folder>/SFMVCPageService does not exist error (FP)
    • Feature: ABB: Customize Backend to allow for custom default image size for libraries (FP)
    • Bug: Send check message of Campaign do not work as expected (FP)
    • Bug: Intensive memory allocation in OpenAccessExpressionVisitor
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6117.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:


    • After placing multiple Link Selectors on a widget designer, "Pages from this site" is rendered only in the last selector added. (FP)
    • Widget is empty in Backend when Index has RelativeRoute attribute. (FP)

    Site Sync

    • Site sync explicitly syncs parent pages when new child pages are created. (FP)


    • Exposed internal class PageTempPreviewGenerator as public.
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6118.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Cannot select parent category (and single category) in static and dynamic items
    • Upgrade reverts Index Folder setting for Lucene
    • Sitefinity issue in integration with Amazon S3 data storage
    • Feather: MVC Search box error when DEC used (FP)
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6119.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Dynamic content types: change parent-child relationship between types and export results in improper ordering of the modules during import (FP)
    • Module Builder export/import structure with self referenced related data to module with multiple types results in error (FP)
    • Pager missing in sync selection dialog when filtering by classification (FP)
    • Pages - missing icon for redirecting page if sorting by Last created on top 
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6120.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Upgrade to 9.1 internal build breaks additional URLs for documents regex validation (FP)

    • Personalized page is wrong in case of same city name of different states (FP)

    • Unpublished page in one language does not appear in navigation (FP)

    • Disabling Backend UI while using Forms authentication generates a 404 on the whole site

    • Personalization module: Arguments list passed to the callback is empty in onPersonalizedContentLoaded()

  • Sitefinity 9.1.6131.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Unable to place widgets on page (FP)

  • Sitefinity 9.1.6151.0 Release Notes

    What's fixed:

    • Windows 10 Creators Update breaks Custom Membership providers
    • Migrated Analytics module to the new Google Analytics API
    • Performance issues with images
  • Sitefinity 9.1.6171.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed?

    Update Translations module to use Clay Tablet version 4.1.2.

    Due to changes in the Clay Tablet connector communication interface, the Progress Sitefinity CMS Translations module updated its communication protocol accordingly. Clay Tablet connector changes take effect on July 13, 2018.

    To ensure uninterrupted translation service through Clay Tablet software, it is required that all Sitefinity customers utilizing the Translations module upgrade their installations prior to July 13, 2018 to the latest available Hotfix or Internal build for their main Sitefinity version. The existing version of Progress Sitefinity CMS Translations module will not be able to submit or retrieve Clay Tablet translation jobs starting July 13, 2018

    For more information about available Hotfixes and Internal builds, please refer to this KB article Update Translations module to use Clay Tablet version 4.1.2

    Please contact Sitefinity support in case you have further questions.