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Lost home page and theme

  • Lost home page and theme
  • Hi,

    We're developing our web site locally (local SQL Server & local IIS) which we deployed on a server today, it all worked great, however, I was surprised to see that the home page wasn't set anymore (even though all stored pages were there) and the front-end theme wasn't registered neither?!

    The way we deployed was as follows:
     - backed-up the local databases,
     - published the ASP.NET web sites on the server,
     - restored the local databases on the server,
     - updated connection strings to point to the new databases.

    Any ideas how I could lose those two settings?

  • Hi Carl,

    This is possible if some of the configuration files are not migrated. For instance the homepage id is set inside ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration/PagesConfig.config

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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  • Ok, thanks Ivan, I get it, some .config files weren't included in project, hence not published on the server, it all makes sense.

    Thanks for the quick answer as always,
  • Hi,

    What about front-end themes ?

    I deployed in the server from my local copying all site files. Front-end site and backend sitefinity are running well but I lost my themes. Somehow, when generating pages, Sitefinity is not putting the right link for the css or is not routing to the correct path.
  • Hi,

    It was the same: it's configured in the AppearanceConfig.config which also wasn't included in my project and that wasn't shipped on the production server neither.