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RadMenu on production server

  • RadMenu on production server
  • I managed to get it working for now ... I am sure the support guys did not remove the temp aspnet files the first time i asked them to do so ....

  • What i really don't understand is why sometimes when i'm working on my dev machine i make a change to the code, build refresh and the skin is lost. I can close visual studio, repon the project then run, the skin is back.
  • Hi Team,

    I have an issue with Radmenu on the production server and i am pretty sure you can help me with it. 

    I have this website which i firstly deployed on the staging server: Here the RadMenu skin is being displayed properly and there is no problem.

    However, I wanted to move the website to a production server with a temporary pointer http://girlscoutsosw.org.139.gppnetwork.com/  before launching and this is where the RadMenu skin is not displayed properly. I took all the files from the staging server and deployed them on the production server. This is a shared hosting environment. I have asked the support to delete the temp asp.net files and then i restarted the application but nothing happened. It happened one before on the staging server but i was able to fix it this way since i have remote access ...

    Your help would be appreciated


  • Hi George ,

    Can you provide me a little more information about the problem? Are you talking about the theme?
    Can you check with some tool (Firebug for ex.) what is going on with the requests? Is the system looking for the files or there is not even a request for them (CSS, JS, Images)?

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
    Hi Team,

    it seems that it wasn't reading the skin file on the production server. I tried to delete temp files, restart IIS etc. and it didn't work. I ended up using this solution 

    Set CssClass="RadMenu RadMenu_SkinName"