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Anyone else finding SF4 painful?

  • Anyone else finding SF4 painful?

  • 1) Has anyone managed setup SF 4 with custom User Controls that worked in SF 3.x?

    2) Has anyone managed to create a SF4 on a dev server and then migrate to live without getting the following after you have logged in?
    You were automatically navigated form "/sitefinity" because you are not authorized to access that page!

    I am thinking of ditching SF4 as it's pretty much unusable.
  • Also, downloaded the migration tool, but that doesn't even build
  • 1) I guess this is a license file issue, because I have copied all the files from one site to another.   What do I need to do to have a development version and then publish to live?
  • Hello Daz,

    If you use some classes that are specific for 3.x this code will not work in Sitefinity 4.0. I think that this is the problem you have.

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team